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Friday, October 28, 2005

OPML Validator Beta

Okay, here's the first beta of the OPML Validator.


It works like you think it should. You give it the URL of an OPML document, and it checks to see if it conforms to the OPML spec, and the OPML Validation Guidelines.


Because it's a beta, you shouldn't depend on its results.


There are still many things it doesn't check, like the elements of the <head> section (just an example). But it does check a bunch of things, and if your OPML passes the validation, it's probably going to be understood by mostof the processors out there. Or maybe not. But this is the place to report problems, or thorny issues. And the existence of a validator, even a crude one, is likely to help improve the quality of OPML-generating and processing software.


One can hope that people don't flame here, but based on past experience, that seems unlikely. If there are flames, I ask that you not engage them. If ever there was a time this adage made sense, this is it -- Don't feed the trolls. OPML attracts trolls, that's for sure. Don't give them energy.

Test files (with errors)

I've created a bunch of test files you can try out to get an idea of what it checks for. All these files have validation errors.
Test files (no errors)

Following are some test files that validate. As you can see, we need a good icon for this, I just threw one together. Even if I spent hours doing it, it would still suck.

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